I want you to think about the information you have on your computer.  Think about your hundreds of family photos, the music that you paid for, your bills, your legal documents, business secrets and strategies, etc.  Now I want you to imagine that you came home one day to find that your hard drive melted itself–its broken and unrecoverable.  Is your stomach starting to turn?  Are you getting nervous about losing all of the data on your computer?

The fact of the matter is, if you care about any of the information that you have on your computer(s), BACK IT UP!

It is necessary to always have a copy of your information just in case something happens to your computer.

Lets talk about 3 ways that you can easily backup your information at home:

1.  Back it up online
2.  Back it up to an external hard drive using an automatic program
3.  Back it up to an external hard drive manually

Back it up online

When you back up your information, you are simply making a copy of what is on your computer and putting it somewhere else.  There are online companies that will do this for you on a regular basis.  After you install their program on your computer and make a few configuration updates, your data will be uploaded to a secure location through the internet.  If the unthinkable happens, you can easily restore your data. Even if the unthinkable doesn’t happen, you always have access to you data online anytime you please.

Pros: Easy to do, worry free, access to data via internet, regular backups, offsite storage

Cons: Usually a monthly subscription.

Back it up to an external hard drive using an automatic program

You can go to just about any computer store and purchase an external hard drive.  These hard drives work just like a thumb drive except that they have more memory.  Most external drives that you will purchase come with an automatic program that will back up your information.  Or if you want a more feature rich backup application, you can purchase a one separately that fits your needs.

Pros: Automatic, choose your backup times, no one handles your data but you, hard drive is portable

Cons: Your hard drive must be plugged into your computer if you want to backup or restore. No offsite storage (if there was a fire or something, you would lose both the computer and hard drive)

Back it up to an external hard drive manually

After you purchase a hard drive, you can simply just find the files on your computer that you want to keep safe and “drag and drop” them onto your external hard drive.  Then you can store your hard drive where ever you want.  You will need to remember to do this on a regular basis so that you have all the updated files you want to keep copies of.

Pros: Usually the cheapest option, you are in more control of the back up

Cons: Not automatic, time consuming to locate all files and ‘drag and drop’, no offsite storage

There are many options to backing up your valuable information.  The point is that you must back up your data or risk losing it. Technicians at INVISUS can assist and give advise in backing up your computer.

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