6 Cyber Security Resolutions You Can Actually Accomplish




In 2017, think about what you should be doing to protect your personal identity & personal information of your family, customers, clients, and employees. Here are some easy resolutions to get you started:


  •  I will file my taxes early Tax fraud is big business in identity theft these days. Putting your taxes off until the last-minute gives identity thieves more time to file a false return in your name, and make off with your tax refund. File early to eliminate yourself as a target, and get you your tax-return sooner.


  •  I will review my credit reports and dispute inaccuracies When was the last time that you actually looked at a copy of your credit report?  it’s important you make certain your credit reports are free from inaccurate creditor and lender reporting of payments for auto, mortgage and other data that can negatively impact your credit score. See something suspicious or unfamiliar? REPORT IT.



  •  I will buy a paper shredder.  Don’t skimp on it, either, as items shredded in cheap shredders can be easily pieced back together with some tape.  There are 6 security ratings for shredders, with the highest rating meeting the requirements of the NSA and US Central Security Services.  Look for a level 6 shredder or one that claims compliance with NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 to ensure the most secure shredding possible.  If the shredder has an option for credit cards and CDs, even better.



  • I will not log into a public Wi-Fi network. There is no security for your personal information when you log into public Wi-Fi networks supplied for your convenience at airports, city plazas, coffee shops, malls, etc. Even logging into an otherwise secure banking, healthcare, or other secure portal over a public Wi-Fi network can expose your password to a fraudster monitoring activity over the network. Once the fraudster has stolen your passphrase over the unsecured, public network, they have the key to your confidential information. Also, ensure that your children and other family members do not log-into their social media or other accounts that require a password over a public Wi-Fi.


  • I will change all of my passwords on a regular basis and use different passphrases for different accounts. The old “letter, number, symbol” password is no longer as effective. Many individuals when forced to use complex passwords default to one password across multiple accounts thereby weakening the security for all of the accounts protected by the same password. Protect your privacy.


  • I will be cautious when using my debit card.Because debit cards are tied directly to your checking account, take more precautions when using it. Avoid using your debit card to pay for merchandise on-line and if you must use a debit card at a store terminal, use chip readers or select the option to have it treated as a “credit” card so you don’t have to enter your PIN.


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