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ID Fraud up 13 Percent – Javelin Identity Fraud Report

In 2011, nearly 12 million Americans were victim of identity fraud, a 13 percent jump from 2010.  People are monitoring credit cards more thoroughly then ever before and credit card companies have beefed up their security procedures to help prevent fraud.  So why the increase in fraud?

Turns out that thieves have moved on to smartphones and social media.  People tend to let their guard down a little bit when dealing with the phone and social networks, leaving the door open for scammers to take advantage of them.

One thing to keep in mind is that thieves are always one step ahead More >

Firefox Vulnerability Allows Hacking Through Images

It is a long standing notion between the techies of the world that Firefox is an overall better web browser than IE, but that does not mean that Firefox doesn’t have any issues.  No software package can be fully secure.  In the last week, Mozilla (creators of Firefox) have patched major problems with their web browser.

This vulnerability has been patched.  If you run Firefox, be sure that all the updates are installed.  They usually come through automatically, so if you have been putting off those auto update alerts, better install them now.

What was the problem?  A bug in the Firefox More >