A malicious ad for greeting cards on Facebook redirects clickers to a page selling fake anti-virus software. The ad is intermittently displayed with a Farm Town ad which has over 9 million monthly users.

The website may tell you that you are infected and ask you to buy the removal software.

What You Need to Do:

  • Don’t install anti-virus software without researching it first.
  • If a site or program is saying that you are infected with something, call your technicians at INVISUS to have them investigate. They will remove any infections that may be on your computer. Remember, it is free to call if you are a current subscriber.
  • Keep your INVISUS software updated and run scans regularly. INVISUS VIPRE should catch the fake programs before they can install.

Some fake anti-virus programs will charge as much as $70 to remove a virus that is not even there. Once the fake software is installed, it can be very difficult to remove. However, your INVISUS technicians are trained at removing these threats from your machine.

Facebook and other social networking sites are becoming major targets for hackers. Be careful while on these sites.

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