One of the most annoying problems you could have with your computer is that the internet stops working.  All we ever want to do is just check our email and get some work taken care of.  Let’s get straight to the point.  It is a rather simple problem; there are a few steps you should take to fix the problem or find out who you need to talk to.

  • Restart your computer. If some glitch happened (not uncommon with computers!), restarting your computer should fix it.
  • Check your firewall. Sometimes your internet can get blocked in your firewall.
    • The easiest way to check the firewall is to shut it off and then re-try your internet.  If the internet works, then the firewall blocked it. To shut off the firewall locate it next to your clock and right click on it.  Then you should see either “exit” or “shut-down.”  When the firewall disappears, it is shut off.  To re-enable the firewall, just re-start your computer.  If the firewall is causing the problem, you should uninstall it then reinstall it.
  • Reset your router/modem. (Your router and/or modem is the box that provides internet to your home). This is a very easy step to do.  Sometimes the router temporarily turns off your internet connection and needs to be reset.  Resetting the router/modem will most likely fix the problem.
    • To reset your router all you need to do is unplug it from the power source and let it sit for about 20-30 seconds.  It is a good idea to restart your computer while the router is unplugged.  Now just plug your router back in and all the lights should start dancing.  Wait about a minute for the router to completely load up and then try using the internet again.

If these options all fail, then most likely the internet has just gone out in your area.  You can either try it again in an hour or you can just call your internet service provider (the company you pay to have internet at your home).

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