I can remember when I was in school having a large report due the next day that I had hardly worked on.  It is one of those times that I stayed up all night getting it typed up.  I decided to sleep for an hour and then wake up, print it out, and be to school on time to turn it in.

I woke up a little before class and went to print my report.  To my surprise, the report would not print!  Something was wrong with the printer!

I know you all have had similar experiences when you needed something printed fast and your printer decided not to work.  How frustrating!  My fear quickly left me as I remembered how to fix the printer.

I was able to fix it, print my report, and make it to school on time.  Below are the steps that I used to solve my printing issues.

Trouble shooting steps:

Make sure the printer is on and plugged into the computer or network.

If it is already on and plugged in to your computer, turn the printer off and on—sometimes the printer just needs to be restarted.

Check the firewalls—if you just installed a firewall and the printer doesn’t work, then it is probably the firewall causing the problem.  Shut down the firewall and try to print.  If it does print, then you need to reinstall the firewall.

If it is not the firewall–reinstall the printer:

  1. First, completely remove all printers.  Go to your control panel, find the printers section and delete all printers.
  2. After that, the easiest way to reinstall a printer is to use the installation CD that came with the printer.  All you have to do is insert the CD and follow the instructions.  Most of the time the printer will be working just fine afterward.
  3. If you do not have the CD, then you need to find out the model name and number of the printer and look up the drivers on the manufacturer’s website.  (e.g.  If the model is an hp Officejet 7280, then go to www.hp.com and go to the support section.  There you should be able to find the driver download section.  Also, these websites usually have owner’s manuals for each printer in case you need to see those.)

You must download and install these drivers to each computer that you are using, whether the printer is connected directly to it or to the router.

note** In order for the printer to work, you must make sure that the printer shows up in the control panel.

If it isn’t in the control panel, then you need to use the “add printer” option in the control panel to open up the add printer wizard which will help you install the printer.  (it may require you to browse to the drivers that you just downloaded)

If you ever run across printing problems again, don’t be discouraged because you now have the knowledge to fix it without having to call anyone!

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