Virus news is almost a daily occurrence now.  I don’t think I have passed a day that there hasn’t been some kind of virus attack.  You would think by now we could figure out how handle viruses better, but as we all know, hackers are always one step ahead.

Last week, a well-known Utah based website,, was part of a virus attack that infected visitors who went to that site.  What this means is that every person that went to that website was subject to a virus infection.

When visiting the site, a box would appear warning the visitor that they are being infected by a virus.  It would then prompt them to install security software to remove it.  By clicking on the link provided, the visitor installs the real virus which then searches their computer for credit card information.

So what does this mean to you?  A lot.  I will talk about a couple right now.  First off, this kind of attack is happening all over the world, not just in Utah.  Legitimate sites are being used to distribute viruses.  So the sites you visit often can also be affected at any time.

Secondly, if big companies can get infected (who have lots of security), then just how vulnerable are personal computers (who have less security)?

Using some good common sense tips will help make sure you are not the next victim:

  • Install a firewall, an anti-virus scanner, and an anti-spyware scanner.
  • Know who you can call to get help without being charged an arm and a leg.  If you have any of the INVISUS services, you get UNLIMITED service and support fort his kind of stuff.
  • Keep your Microsoft updates up to date.

Make sure you know and are familiar with the security software you have installed.  Know the look and feel of their windows.  That way, when you get some random box telling you that you have a virus, you know it is fake because it was not your anti-virus that warned you. has the problem taken care of now, and most websites that fall victim to this type of attack remedy it quickly.  But the point is, viruses do not care who you are; if you are lacking security, they will get you.

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