Last week I opened up my email to find a message from the IRS about my taxes this year.  I was very pleased with what they had to say.  They told me that because of some recent changes to President Obama’s policies, I needed to fill out the proper form to receive extra tax benefits before I file this year.

They quoted a very nice amount of money I could get back.  Then they had a link for me to click on that required me to fill in some very confidential information.

In this economy, it would be easy for any one of us to take whatever handout we are given out of shear necessity.  But you have to remember that a handout is exactly what this is.  You are handing out your money to thieves.

Whenever I come across emails like these, I always ask myself if it is too good to be true, or if I did any work to receive what they are trying to give me.  If I am still unsure, I usually contact the company by phone to double check.

As an added note, the IRS will NEVER email you with information like this. They will NEVER quote how much money you could get back. And they most certainly will not give you links that take you to a site where you fill out personal information. If you have questions about the IRS and taxes, you can visit them at their site, by going there directly and not by clicking on links in emails.

This is a real life example of a phishing scam.  If I were to have filled out the website, I would have had my confidential information stolen.

Emailers Beware!! You are sure to get a phishing email this tax season and you can be sure someone is trying to steal something from you!!!


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