Problem: Each time I want to print from my laptop, I have to unplug my printer from my computer and plug it into my laptop.

Problem: I only have one printer and two computers.  It would be so nice to be able to print from both of my computers.

Solution: Use the steps below for using only one printer to print from all the computers in your house.

I’m going to walk you through the steps necessary to be able to print from all the computers in your house to a single printer.

Before I begin, you must meet a few prerequisites to be able to make this work.  First, all the computers in your house should be connected to the internet (or just the ones that will be printing).  Second, if you have a laptop that gets internet through wireless, it should also be connected to the wireless internet in your home (air cards will not work).

Step 1:  Install the printer on a computer in your house. (This computer needs to be on when other computers want to print). OR connect the printer to your router.

Step 2:  Share the installed printer. Click on “Start,” “control panel,” “printers and faxes” or “printers.”  Your printer should be listed.  Right click on the printer and choose “properties.”  Click on the tab at the top “sharing.”  Check the box that says “share this printer.”  It may give you a message to launch a sharing setup or warning you about sharing, but just opt to go ahead and share the printer anyway.  After that you know that you have the printer shared when the printer listed on the control panel has a hand underneath it.

Step 3:  Check the Workgroup. On the computer with the printer installed, right click on “my computer” and click on the “computer name” tab.  You should find a name next to the word “Workgroup.”  This is the group that all your computers need to be on in order for them to use the printer.  Do this same thing on all of the computers on your network.  They should all be on the same Workgroup.

Step 4: Install the printer on all computers. Go to the control panel on all the other computers and click on the printers icon.  At the top of this window there will be a button for “add printer.”  An add new printer wizard will show up that will walk you through the process.  The wizard will ask where to find the printer (it will either look for printers or allow you to pick a printer from a list).  You should choose the printer that is connected to your other computer.  The wizard will install the printer after that.

If you have any questions on how to do this, you can always call your techs here at INVISUS.

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