We trust our security software to keep us safe, but without service and support backing it up, our trust may be misplaced. According to a new report from NSS Labs, an independent product analysis company, security software vendors often miss the latest malware threats from hacked websites. As many as 50,000 malicious programs are released everyday. This report suggests that infection is inevitable; whether your software tells you or not is another issue.

Most security software vendors charge heavy fees to remove infections that their software should have prevented to begin with. Doesn’t that seem a bit strange? That’s like buying a house with no doors. Intruders will get in, but how do you kick them out? If the house didn’t come with security guards, it will have to be you.

Luckily there are options available. One of them being INVISUS. INVISUS backs up all of their products with 100% free service and support. If an infection does happen, the technicians are right there ready to kick anything out of your computer and get it secured.

Hackers are working hard to break in to computers and steal information. You need to have technicians who work harder to keep them out.

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