If you own or manage a business today, you better be paying attention to the risks with cyber-security and identity theft.  The trends continue to point to the risks and threats businesses and organizations of all types now face in the digital age.  If you haven’t ever heard of or considered the risks with “data breaches”, and other key phrases like “information security compliance”, now would be a good time to start listening.

Verizon’s 2010 Data Breach Report (released on Apr 19) found that the number of data breaches quintupled from 2009, and at the same time discovered that cyber-criminals have shifted their attention smaller businesses.  The number of incidents in 2010 was equal to the number of breaches reported in the previous 6 years combined.

Interestingly, while the number of breaches soard in 2010, the number of customer or employee records that were exposed, lost or stolen per reported breach decreased.  The contradiction underscores what some security experts have been saying: attackers are increasingly targeting smaller companies because it’s easier.  

The study reports that cyber-criminals targeted small businesses with between 11 and 100 employees, with much less focus on the biggest organizations.  As has become the “same old story”, the report indicates that theives have learned they are much less likely to get caught as smaller organizations have not implemented proper safeguards and protections (technical, physical and administrative safeguards), and do not have the expertise in place to prevent or detect breaches.

With so many millions of small and mid-sized businesses unable to get properly protected and having to go it alone, we are proud to offer InfoSafe to businesses from coast to coast.  It has become a popular and much needed solution to a very serious risk.

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