Your router is an important part of your connection to the online world. It gives you a level of protection from the outside world. It distributes the internet to all the computers in your house. But it can also be a major security risk.

All routers come with default passwords. I know this, you know this, and hackers know this. Hackers get lists (which are freely available online) of all the default usernames and passwords for routers. From Linksys to D-Link to Belkin and everything in between. If you have not changed the default credentials, it is very easy for someone to gain access to your network.

What are the chances of some hacker targeting your specific router? Not much. But viruses in the wild don’t necessarily target anyone specific. There is a much higher risk of having a virus target your router.  Once a computer is infected, the virus will immediately start trying to log in to the router. Once in, it changes the DNS servers.

So what does changing the DNS do? The DNS on your computer or router determines where you go when you type in a website address. If the DNS has been changed, the hacker can redirect your website activity to porn sites, phishing sites, and websites that will automatically download more malware on your computer.

If you have not changed the default credentials, it is recommended you do so immediately. How do you do it? There are a few ways to go about this. Call the manufacturer of your router, do a web search for instructions on how to do it yourself, check out this tutorial from the INVISUS support site or give us a call. If you are an iCare, InfoSafe, iCarePro or iSafePro customer, it is FREE!!! If you are not a customer, it is a minimal fee to do it. Much cheaper than those “other” guys that hang out in the big box retailers.

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