If you are anything like 500 million other people, you have a Facebook account. I admit, I do. I think Facebook has many useful purposes. I can share my photos and videos with family that live all over the world. I can keep in contact with friends I haven’t seen since high school, and make new friends with those that have the same interests as me.

With so much good that can come from Facebook and other social networking sites, we can’t ignore the security and privacy risks. No matter how hard developers of these sites try, they will never be 100% secure. And we need to accept that and use these sites responsibly.

Recently, a list of 100 million Facebook users was released. The information in there is nothing more than what is already available for anyone to see on Facebook, but that does not mean that this is not a problem. If someone wants to change their settings to hide this information, well, it’s already out there. Nothing can be done about that now.

I got my hands on the list of 100 million Facebook users to see if I was on it. I was. It doesn’t bother me because everything I put on social networking sites is information that I don’t mind you knowing. I hope that the same goes for you.

When using social networking sites, be sure to only put things out there that you don’t care who sees. Don’t put pictures, videos, or information that may come back to haunt you later. We need to have the mindset that whatever we put online will always be there, and anybody may see it.

We have seen in the past of employers firing people because of pictures on their Facebook account or comments they made about the company they worked for. Be smart when posting things online and you will have nothing to worry about.

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