Big news for us here at INVISUS!  Our flagship service, InfoSafe, now has an official home of its own on the Internet. went live this week making it much easier to find and learn about the InfoSafe program and InfoSafe Certification.  I am personally excited about this new site because it will be the primary driver of our global brand building and marketing efforts for InfoSafe.  Look out world – here comes InfoSafe!  If you are not familiar yet with the InfoSafe Certification, check out the info below – or, of course, just go to!

About InfoSafe:  InfoSafe is the industry’s leading information security and privacy compliance certification program for small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. This innovative and news worthy program solves a BIG problem facing the market. 

How, you ask?  Well, for the first time, there’s a single, simple and affordable solution for small and mid-sized businesses and organizations to get compliant with virtually all major information security and privacy laws and regulations including HIPAA, GLBA, Red Flags Rule, FACTA, state data breach laws, PCI compliance, etc.  There’s nothing like InfoSafe anywhere - it’s the first and only comphrensive, professional, turn-key solution available on the market.

Until we announced InfoSafe in early 2010, most businesses and organizations have not had any viable solution for information security and privacy compliance – so they’ve either been ignoring compliance issues altogether, or have been so overwhelmed by the complexities and high costs of compliance that they’ve only considered implementing pieces here and there.  Consequently, 99% of businesses and organizations today are left exposed and at high risk of a data security breach, followed by potential penalties and fines for non-compliance.

About InfoSafe Certification:  Being InfoSafe Certified gives your business critical third party validation and certification that your business meets or exceeds the minimum recommended standards and best practices for protecting against the loss, exposure and theft of your customers’ and employees’ personal information.  InfoSafe Certification is a “seal of approval” to show your customers that your company/organization is a safe place to do business or be part of. It demonstrates your commitment to doing business the right way, with a genuine commitment to customer privacy, safety and trust.

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