The Mariposa botnet has 13 million computers under its control.  These computers have been tasked to do the usual botnet thing.  You know, steal information including banking information, credit cards, and usernames and passwords.

Having 13 million computers under your control is pretty amazing, but what astonishes me is the tool used to take over these computers.  Mariposa is based on the Butterfly botnet kit which can be easily purchased online.

What makes this tool unique is that you can’t classify Mariposa as a virus or a Trojan.  It is whatever the hackers command it to be.

3 people have been arrested in Spain in connection with the botnet.  They are described as people with no criminal record and little technical knowledge.

Authorities found over 800,000 pieces of personal data on the computer owned by one of the individuals.  The botnet infiltrated 50 of the Fortune 500 companies.  It also found its way into 2 of the 3 American credit bureaus.

The moral of the story is that it doesn’t take much to become a hacker these days.  Your security should be just as easy.

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iDefend protects your WHOLE identity, not just your credit cards.  If the unthinkable happens and your identity gets stolen, you have a team of professionals working around the clock to get it back.  You see how easy it is for thieves to get your information.  If you are not an iDefend member yet, I suggest you become one.

INVISUS has you covered.

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