We get letters of thanks and unsolicited testimonials from raving INVISUS fans every day.  This letter caught my eye because it captures some of the essence of who INVISUS is and shows a little about our “secret sauce” behind retaining so many thousands of customers year after year.   Read what customer Doug Reid said today about why he’s a raving fan:

“I thought I would get the usual “starred-rating” choices to choose from for rating my recent Invisus service, but instead it spit out an actual email so I can say what I want clearly. I just want to say that, once again, you delivered excellent service and it is the main reason I choose to continue to use Invisus. I am often baffled by the comments I hear form others about their constant computer problems. I try to tell them about your service but they just can’t imagine such good work from a service company. I was just like them for years, trusting in the big name brands of virus checkers and disk utility companies which always led to disaster and failure with my computer. Now I don’t even think about virus’s or lost files because I know I am always safe with your service.  Thanks again for the great service. –Doug Reid”

As part of my daily work as CEO, I make a point of reading every customer feedback rating and comment sent in because it helps me keep a pulse on how we are doing as a company in taking care of our customers.  In a world seemingly driven by ROI, profits and shareholder dividends, customer service all to often becomes the sacrificial lamb for taking care of the bottom line. 

We post our favorite customer reviews online so everyone can see what the buzz is all about.  I am proud to be part of a company whose core value is customer care.  Our goal is not just to have happy customers, but Raving Fans.

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