Businesses are dragging their feet when it comes to meeting PCI standards and it may be costing them more than they think.  Verizon released a new report today on PCI compliance and data breaches.  The report had some jaw-dropping results.

Only 22% of companies were found to be compliant upon their initial report.  Couple that with the fact that organizations that had a data breach were 50% more likely to not be PCI compliant and there is a recipe for disaster.

The 78% of organizations NOT compliant with PCI standards are 50% more likely to suffer a data breach. Recovering from a data breach can be very time consuming and cost the organization money and resources.  So why the delay in getting compliant?  Data breaches are a lot more than just customer and/or employee information getting out in the open.

If a breach does occur in an organization, they will lose customers, their image will be damaged, money will be stolen, recovery costs can go through the roof, and in the worst-case scenario they will go out of business.  It is worth the investment to ensure compliance with state, federal, and industry laws and regulations.

If you have any questions about what it takes to become compliant, do not hesitate to call us!  We can answer your questions and discuss how compliance will benefit you and your organization.

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