Every week I get a message from Microsoft that pops up next to my clock .  It says that updates are ready for my computer.  Mostly this message is just annoying and I click the ‘X’ to get rid of it.  I don’t have time to do whatever Microsoft wants, in fact I don’t want to have anything to do with Microsoft.  Have you found yourself having the same thinking process?

Well, let me put this in perspective.  Yes Microsoft can be overbearing sometimes and we don’t have to do half of the things they want us to do, but updates for your computer are critical.  I will explain why:

  • Security–Everyday you can read in the news about viruses and spyware that are causing computer and financial damage for many people.  Most of these viruses take advantage of vulnerabilities that have been identified in your computer’s operating system.  Without Microsoft updates to fix these vulnerabilities, viruses will have free reign to attack your computer.  Microsoft updates are the first defense against such viruses.  It is important however, to always have your INVISUS Security software updated and running on your machine to help combat these security concerns.
  • Performance–Microsoft updates also provide new programing that can increase the performance of your computer.  As Microsoft develops new technologies and/or more efficient programming, they will send out an update so that your computer can take advantage of the fix.
  • Computer life–Overall, Microsoft updates increase the life of your computer.  They combat viruses and make your computer more efficient.  All these things will make your computer last longer so that you do not have to buy updated equipment more often.

So next time you see the message on your computer from Microsoft to download and install updates, go ahead and install them and know that your computer will be healthier and more secure.

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