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This Is What Complete Personal and Home Cyber Protection Looks Like.

Identity Theft Protection

We protect you against all forms of identity fraud, with complete ID theft monitoring and recovery services and a $1 million protection guarantee.

Network & Device Security

We safeguard your home with protection and expert cybersecurity support for your computers, devices and home Wi-Fi network.

Online Privacy

We help protect your online personal information and privacy with social media monitoring, privacy settings, parental controls, and cybersecurity news and scam alerts.

Tech Support

We provide you unlimited, on-demand access to our U.S. based cybersecurity and technical support team to troubleshoot and fix problems with your computers, home network and devices.

How iDefend Works.

We Protect

Our proprietary cybersecurity and monitoring tools safeguard you against cyber-attacks, identity fraud and online predators.

We Support

Personalized, one-on-one technical support services from our U.S. based cybersecurity and support team.

We Resolve

From identity theft recovery to removing computer viruses and troubleshooting your home network — we’ve got you covered.

Your Personal Team of Security and Tech Experts.

Technology alone is not enough to stay safe in today’s digital age. You need expert support from a team you can count on to help keep you safe and eliminate technical support headaches.

With iDefend, you now have one-on-one personalized service and support from our trained cybersecurity and technical support team. Expert help with your computer, mobile device, home network and online privacy is literally a phone call away. Save time and money by eliminating wait times.

Working from Home

With cyber criminals targeting stay-at-home workers, it’s vital to make sure your computer(s) and mobile devices are secured, free of malware, and running like new.

Online Learning

Home is the new technology center for families including students learning from home. iDefend provides the expert security and support to make learning at home easier and safer than ever.

Online Privacy

Our personal privacy is under attack like never before. iDefend gives you the tools and the expert support to keep your personal information and online activity private.

Affordable Family Plans

In today’s digital age where our homes have become the center for work, school and entertainment, it’s more important than ever to protect your entire family.

From toddlers to seniors, everyone is vulnerable to identity theft, cybercrime and privacy risks. Our family plans cover up to two adults and all children in the household under one low rate, so you spend less and protect more.

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

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Individual Plan
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Cyber Support Hotline
Annual Cyber Defense Checkup
U.S. Based Service & Support

Identity Theft Protection

ID Theft Hotline
Full ID Theft Recovery
$1 Million Protection Guarantee
Social Security Number Monitoring
USPS Address Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring
ID Theft Alerts, Monthly Reports
Online Wallet Vault
Lost Wallet Protection
1B Credit Monitoring Alerts
1B Credit Report, Score
Account Takeover Monitoring
Home Title Theft Protection

Network & Device Security

Computer/Mobile Device Security Checkups (2/year)
On-Demand Virus, Malware Removal
Anti-Virus/Firewall Support
Home Network/Wi-Fi Security
Smart Home Device Security

Online Privacy

Cyberhood Watch Updates
Real-Time Threat Alerts
Privacy Protection Resource Center
Parental Controls Support
Local Sex Offender/Crime Maps
Social Media Monitoring

On-Demand Tech Support

Unlimited Troubleshooting & Repair
Computer/Mobile Devices
Home Network/Wi-Fi
Work-From-Home Support
School-At-Home Support
Ask-a-Tech Consultations

INDIVIDUAL Plans: All iDefend Individual Plans include identity theft, credit and online privacy features for 1 person, and security services and support for a home network, 1 computer, all personal mobile devices. Specific areas of monitoring, security and support vary by plan type.

FAMILY Plans: All iDefend Family Plans include identity theft, credit and online privacy features for up to 2 adults and all children up to the age of 18. Includes security services and technical support for a home network, all household computers and mobile devices. Specific areas of monitoring, security and support vary by plan type.

Powerful Features to Protect and Support You in Today’s Digital Age.

Identity Protection

Proactive monitoring, alerts and full ID theft recovery services with $1 million in restoration coverage.

Network & Device Protection

Expert cybersecurity support for computers, mobile devices, home wi-fi routers, entertainment systems and smart home devices.

Cyber Defense Checkup

Complete annual assessment and report on the status of your home network and device cybersecurity, identity theft and online privacy.

Tech Support Services

On-demand security and technical support troubleshooting from our U.S.-based team of experts for items including personal computers, mobile devices, home wi-fi networks, printers and more.

Social Media Monitoring

24/7 monitoring and alerts for personal information privacy risks, harassment, bullying, cyber-stalking, vulgarity, and other unwanted content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Security Alerts & Updates

Regular security updates and real-time security alerts to keep you aware and notified of the latest threats, risks and scams that, without protection, can wreak havoc in your life.

More Than Just Happy Customers…. Raving Fans!

What customers are saying about their iDefend protection and support:

The Free Computer Security Checkups Saved Us!

“I’d heard about this virus that steals personal information, but without your help I would have had no one to call. My tech with you guys was able to solve and remedy the issue. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Sybil B.

Scarsdale, NY

The best protection for families!

“When we learned that our children’s identity could be stolen, we couldn’t put off getting the right protection for our entire family. iDefend has the most complete protection for us at the best price. We are grateful for iDefend!”

Tony L.

Pittsburg, PA

My identity wasn’t mine anymore.

“The fraudsters were clever, highly sophisticated, and covered just about every area of my financial life imaginable. If it had not been for the sure, steady, guiding hand of my iDefend recovery specialist, the task would have been overwhelming if not impossible.”



Your money’s worth – and more.

“My last experience with your security techs to rid my computer of spyware was awesome! For the amount of money, the identity protection, credit monitoring, and computer security checkups too, I feel like I am getting a real bargain.”

Tim D.

Longview, WA

My daughter finally got her student loan.

“This situation was a cross credit reporting issue in my daughter’s name. In the week since our specialist alerted us that my daughter’s credit report was clear, she was able to successfully apply for her student loan! I am relieved we had the family plan, even though I thought we’d never use it.”

W&J S.


I couldn’t get anywhere with my bank.

“Our iDefend specialist was knowledgeable and extremely prompt in returning calls and email, usually within a couple of hours. She was on top of everything from the get-go!”

A. W.


I wasn’t just another case to resolve.

“Thank you so much! You provided excellent service to me when my local authorities refused to even call me back. I literally didn’t do anything except fill out paperwork and send it to you! She took care of everything for me and saved me hours of stress and despair. You are angels for what you do.”

B. H.


Important Information

Your subscription begins when your enrollment and purchase is completed. You are purchasing a recurring subscription which will automatically renew month to month. The price is subject to change, but we will always send you a notification email in advance. You may upgrade your service at any time to a more advanced plan with more protection features. As an iDefend member, upgrades to premium plans are provided to you automatically at preferred customer discounted rates. You can cancel your subscription by contacting Customer Service 801-724-6211. For more details, please see the iDefend Terms of Service.

Your iDefend plan includes protection updates and certain features or services may be modified, added or removed at any time to according to the Terms of Service. Some features require login to your iDefend account to be activated. You will receive service notices, alerts and your Cyberhood Watch updates to the email address you provide upon registration.

If your iDefend plan includes credit monitoring, reports or scores, your identity must be successfully verified with Experian, and Experian must be able to find your credit file and it must contain credit history information. Home title protection includes title theft restoration services for your home, second home, rental or other properties where you have an ownership interest.

The computers and devices supported under your plan are personal household use only. Not all features are available on all operating systems, devices or software platforms. Operating systems supported include Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.