The Extreme PC Makeover

Our INVISUS Engineers will conduct an extensive full diagnosis of your computer to find the root of your problems and fix it. Also, they will perform a full security check to remove any infections as well as tuning up your PC to fully optimize it to your needs.

How it Works:

Once you purchase your Extreme PC Makeover, a ticket will automatically be created in our system. One of our trained technicians will call you to set up a time for them to work on your computer through a secure remote connection. If you would like help right away, you can call our support department directly after you have purchased the Secure PC Makeover.


Support hours are:
M-F: 8am - 6pm MT
Sat: 8am - 1pm MT

What You Get:

Problem diagnosis and repair
A remote service from a certified technician to diagnose any problems with your operating system, hardware, software, drivers, peripheral devices, etc. After uncovering the source, we perform the necessary actions and processes to repair the issue with your computer.

Complete malware detection and removal
After a thorough examination to uncover any infections on your computer, a technician will use our signature removal process and specialized tools and utilities to remove ALL viruses, spyware, malware, trojans and much more.

Rootkit detection and removal
Rootkits are the trickiest form of infection. They are capable of taking complete control of your computer or just doing things in the background without you even knowing they are there. We will search your computer with a fine-tooth comb to reveal and remove any rootkit residing on your machine.

OS security update check
One of the biggest reasons people are exploited by viruses is because they have not properly updated their operating system. We will check your system to ensure you have the latest updates to keep you protected.

System and Internet speed optimization
We utilize over 120 tweaks to boost the performance of your operating system, system hardware, Internet connection, Internet browser, download speeds, and local network access speeds.

System consultation
Personalized help to answer your questions and provide expert recommendations on anything about your computer, including software, hardware, system improvements, upgrades, PC gadgets, devices and more.

Security consultation
Our experienced technicians will grade your current security and give you recommendations on how to best stay protected.

30 day risk free trial

About the 30 Day risk free trial:
We are committed to providing raving fan service to our customers. If our technicians are unable to perform our initial PC Makeover services on your computer(s) including checkup, cleanup, software installation, repair, tune-up, optimization or other services applicable to your service plan, or if you have any other troubles with our service we cannot resolve, you may cancel your service subscription(s) within the first 30 days for a full refund of the initial service setup and PC Makeover without early termination penalties or other charges.

Service Requirements:
Windows: 2000 Pro (128 MB RAM), XP Home/Pro (128 MB RAM), Vista Home Basic (1.5 GHz CPU Dual Core or 2.5 GHz Single Core - 1 GB RAM), Vista Home Premium/Business/Ultimate (1.5 GHz CPU Dual Core or 2.5 GHz Single Core 2 GB RAM). Pentium class PC or higher or equivalent (i.e. Intel, AMD, etc). 400 MB hard disk space. Dial-up or Broadband Internet connection. Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape 6.0 or higher. A PC is defined by INVISUS as one operating system installed on one computer.

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