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Protection against 21st Century Crime
With customer, employee and business information now a primary target for today's thieves, you'd better make information security and privacy an important part of how you do business. Protecting against privacy breaches, identity theft and fraud happening through your business isn't just SMART, it's the LAW.

Information Security Compliance
InfoSafeŽ is the industry leading information security and privacy compliance certification program for small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. InfoSafe makes it simple and affordable to protect your business and stay compliant with all major privacy and information security regulations.

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InfoSafe is the ONLY solution available today that takes care of everything in a single, simple, affordable service.
  • Protect against lost or stolen customer and employee information
  • Get compliant with information security and privacy laws and regulations
  • Prevent costly penalties, fines
  • Increase customer confidence, sales and referrals
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