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When shopping or doing business, look for the InfoSafe seal.

Work, Shop and Play with Confidence.

When doing business or shopping with an InfoSafe™ Certified business, you can be confident knowing your personal information is secured and kept private, protecting you against potential identity theft and fraud.

A Higher Standard
Businesses who are awarded the InfoSafe certification care about your privacy and have taken extra steps to protect your personal information. InfoSafe Certified businesses have invested in and implemented industry-leading data security practices and safeguards. They meet the requirements of virtually all major federal, state and industry regulations including Red Flags Rule, GLBA, HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Protecting Your Personal Information
Since 2005, over 500 million personal records stolen have been lost or stolen from businesses, hospitals, schools, government offices, etc. (source: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse). It's estimated that over 55% of people in the U.S. now have some of their personal information exposed, lost or stolen in one form or another through businesses, government offices and other organizations. Identity theft and fraud has become an epidemic problem.

It's more important now than ever to be careful about whom you do business with and where you shop. You'd be wise to do business with people and businesses that take this problem seriously, and care enough to earn your trust and loyalty by protecting your personal information.

InfoSafe Certified businesses have a comprehensive information security plan to protect their customer and employee information.
  • They use strong computer security systems to make sure hackers can’t break in and steal customer data.
  • They use encryption programs and properly dispose of computers that had customer information.
  • They have regular security checkups and assessments done.
  • They train employees on security best practices, and how to watch out for potential identity theft red flags on your behalf.
  • They have put together a privacy policy for their customers, so you can see what information they collect, how they use it, and how they protect it.
  • They stay current with the latest threats and industry-leading standards for protecting personal information.

Work, shop and play with confidence - with InfoSafe Certified businesses.

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