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InfoSafe comes with big benefits:

  • Your business will meet the security standards and requirements for virtually every federal, state and industry law and regulation mandating the protection of customer and employee information.
  • Avoid big penalties and fines for negligence and non-compliance.


  • Comprehensive technical and administrative safeguards required for your business to keep hackers and identity thieves out. (all in a single program!)
  • Protect your business against the liabilities and disastrous consequences of security breaches that could literally put you out of business.
  • Protect your business bank accounts, private information and trade secrets.
  • Protect your customer's information from identity theft and fraud.
  • Protect your employee's personal information from would-be thieves.
  • Protect your image and customer goodwill.  Security breaches destroy trust, confidence and future business.


  • Increase referrals and sales by increasing trust and loyalty with your customers.  Confident customers = business growth!
  • With identity theft and fraud at epidemic levels, customers now need assurance that their information will be kept safe.
  • We'll help you tell the press about your business becoming InfoSafe certified and that you proactively protect your customers against identity theft and fraud.


  • Eliminate down time without you or your staff being sidelined by slow computers and system problems.
  • Get any of your computer problems resolved immediately with unlimited access to your own team of techs from INVISUS.
  • Computers will run like new because we maintain and protect your computers for you - and they'll be free of hidden viruses, spyware and other malware that cause big problems.


  • All your information security compliance requirements met with a single, affordable program.
  • Your own team of computer techs available on demand.
  • Unlimited technical support for any virtually any problem or question you have with your computers.
  • No more high cost computer repairs, virus removals,tune-ups, etc.
  • Never have to buy security software again – full anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall is provided for each PC
  • Major savings on all other INVISUS computer services like lost data recovery.
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Get Protected.
Save Time and Money.
Get InfoSafe Certified.

With InfoSafe, you have unlimited access to your own team of computer techs from INVISUS who will keep your computers locked down and running like new.

Unlimited tech support
Unlimited virus and spyware cleanups
Regular system
Professional grade security software included for every PC
Save BIG money!

InfoSafe is smart money.

You'll save hundreds, maybe thousands each year!

No more high cost computer repairs, virus removals, and tune-ups.
Increase productivity
Eliminate down time
No more putting off PC headaches and hassles

How much did you spend last year on tech help, computer repairs, or new computer purchases?

InfoSafe is a fantastic return on investment.  It virtually pays for itself!